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I enjoy researching and investing in good equipment (within my budget) to try to achieve the best possible audio and video quality in my videos. With increasing digitalisation of the arts, I believe that good technological equipment is important to help create an optimal experience for the virtual audience.


I've had this zoom H5 Handy Recorder for over three years now and it has recorded at least 80% of my videos on my YouTube channel. The sound it records has a lovely warmth and depth to it and it also works great as an audio interface if you plug in two or more external mics. I rarely travel without this in case I want to record something; I can be certain that the audio will be of high quality.

The windscreen I added (picture on the left) eliminates unwanted background noise, gving me a very clean and focussed audio.


DPA mics pic.jpg



This pair of condenser microphones is my newest prized possesion in my collection of recording equipment. I bought these after doing tons of research online and also asking friends of mine who are recording engineers. When I use them to record myself playing the oboe, I use my trusty zoom H5 as the audio interface to plug these two external mics into. I've found that especially when recording with piano accompaniment, using two external mics makes post-editing much easier as there are two separate audio tracks to work with as opposed to one single audio track.

What's often overlooked are the cables. Apart from good mics, you also need good cable connectors. They offer better protection against signal interference and allow for better sound quality overall. use Neutrik XLR cable connectors.

To the left, one mic has a windscreen on and the other does not, just to show what it looks like when without one. Needless to say, I use a foam windscreen for both mics when I am recording to remove unwanted backgroung noise.

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