20th Century Oboe Repertoire

*Shown in alphabetical order of the last name.
Hello friends, welcome to my catalogue of 20th century oboe repertoire!
I have done a video tutorial on some of the pieces on this page - those that I've done a tutorial on have this logo               beside it.  In these tutorials, I go in depth to talk about what challenges I faced in the piece and how I practised it.  I also discuss interpretation and style. If you'd like access to my tutorials or if you'd like to request for one on a particular etude/piece, kindly have a look at my membership plans.😊

Bozza, Eugène

Fantaisie Pastorale for Oboe and Piano, Op. 37
Recorded September 2017

Martinů, Bohuslav

Oboe Concerto
Recorded February 2020

Sancan, Pierre

Sonatina for Oboe and Piano
Recorded November 2015

Silvestrini, Gilles

Etude No. 1
Recorded May 2019
Etude No. 6
Recorded May 2019
Etude No. 5
Recorded May 2019
Etude No. 4
Recorded May 2020
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