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If you'd like 1-to-1 lessons with me, I teach the oboe, cor anglais as well as reed-making online. To help you better decide if this is something that's suitable for you, I offer a free 30-min online trial lesson. 😊

To have a look at my teaching setup and what you can expect in lessons, kindly click on this button here:


I have over six years of experience teaching students from over 5 different countries and ranging from 7 to 53 years old. Whether you're preparing for an exam, learning the oboe as a hobby, or just want some additional guidance, please be rest assured that I will tailor the lessons to best suit you and cater to your needs. I'm passionate about teaching and am fully invested in my students' learning and progress.

*Quick note on conducting lessons online: Having had over one year of experience teaching students online through various platforms such as Zoom and Skype, and also having received lessons from my teachers online, I can say that I fully embrace these digital means of teaching the oboe. In my experience so far, communication is just as effective online as it is face-to-face. Technology has enabled me and many others to connect with people from all around the world, broadening the horizons of what is possible when it comes to education.


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