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Kind words from some of my students!

Ayane Noichi


Bernice is a very helpful teacher and friendly person! She finds even a very small mistake and practices with me until I can play correctly. I had 60 min lesson, but feel like it was still short, because I want to learn more from her!!
I got to know her on YouTube, and she has been my dream person since then. After I had lessons with her, I like her as an oboist, but also as a teacher!

Ben Gannon


I really enjoyed my lessons with Bernice. She is very patient, kind, generous, detail oriented and wARM. I admire her virtuosic playing and found her niche tips useful and encouraging.

Brandon Hao


Bernice is a fantastic teacher and oboist. She inspires me a lot. She helped me find a lot of simple and efficient methods about practice. I’m very enjoy study with her.

Chris Lowe


Learning the oboe was a New Year’s resolution and one that I’ve actually stuck to! I found Bernice online and was impressed by her skills and it was nice to see videos and an online presence. I’m a former brass player and I studied music as part of my degree, so I wanted to make quick progress! Bernice is very encouraging of an adult beginner and I’ve since upgraded my oboe, bought a cor and have started playing in orchestras! I enjoy my lessons and am enjoying discovering music all over again.

Clemence Frerebeau


Our son has been working with Bernice for 2 years now, starting Oboe with her when he was 10. Bernice is a great teacher, very patient, positive and professional. Our son is really enjoying his lessons, even when these had to be on zoom ! The repertoire played during the lessons is great for children, and the lessons are very structured. Bernice gives detailed recommendations on how the home practice should be organised (frequency, duration and list of things to do), which helps a lot, and her expectations are achievable. We would definitively recommend Bernice as a Oboe teacher.

Jie Xin


Bernice is good at assessing the level of progression and choosing suitable materials for the lessons. She is not only encouraging throughout the lessons, but also generous in sharing her insights on reed adjustment and oboe maintenance. She plays beautifully on the oboe so it is always a treat to listen to her demonstrations.



老師給的資訊量充足,老師細心又super nice 教的東西也非常完整,雙語都能做教學,讓對英文不是非常流利的我,也能輕鬆順利地上完整堂課。超讚的great!!

Kristine Anrich


Bernice is the best oboe teacher we have had so far. She is professional and patient. She conducts every lesson in a very structural way. Although it's only been a little over 2 months since my daughter started learning oboe with Bernice, my daughter has improved noticeably. We highly recommend Bernice.

Margot von paleske


I have been doing oboe since year 4 and Bernice helped me get onto grade 6 in the space of two years. She is kind and supportive and I completely recommend her.

Mark Sacks

South African

Bernice is a very enthusiastic teacher and skilled in imparting her knowledge and experience. She is kind and generous and seems at ease with a middle aged amateur - I am sure she would be great with anyone.

Peter Ransom


I am Absolutely delighted with the lessons I've had with Bernice. I saw some of her online videos and then watched the tutorials. I thought I'd try the sample first lesson, as I wanted help playing a cor anglais and an oboe d'amore that I'd acquired after relearning basic oboe. I'm a late re-starter, not having played an oboe since I was at school 50 years ago, so I was rather nervous, but Bernice put me at ease, so I've had a few lessons since. The booking system is very efficient and the lessons start on time. It's been great to get help sorting out my technique. I can highly recommend Bernice.

Yan Lin


Bernice is an extremely capable teacher with a wealth of experience in oboe playing. She is patient and is able to adjust her teaching methods according to my progress in oboe playing. She gives constructive advice and motivates me to constantly strive for improvement. Under her tutelage, I have cultivated a passion in oboe playing and have improved tremendously.

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