Kind words from some of my students!

Ben Gannon


I really enjoyed my lessons with Bernice. She is very patient, kind, generous, detail oriented and wARM. I admire her virtuosic playing and found her niche tips useful and encouraging.

Ayane Noichi


Bernice is a very helpful teacher and friendly person! She finds even a very small mistake and practices with me until I can play correctly. I had 60 min lesson, but feel like it was still short, because I want to learn more from her!!
I got to know her on YouTube, and she has been my dream person since then. After I had lessons with her, I like her as an oboist, but also as a teacher!

Yan Lin


Bernice is an extremely capable teacher with a wealth of experience in oboe playing. She is patient and is able to adjust her teaching methods according to my progress in oboe playing. She gives constructive advice and motivates me to constantly strive for improvement. Under her tutelage, I have cultivated a passion in oboe playing and have improved tremendously.

Jie Xin


Bernice is good at assessing the level of progression and choosing suitable materials for the lessons. She is not only encouraging throughout the lessons, but also generous in sharing her insights on reed adjustment and oboe maintenance. She plays beautifully on the oboe so it is always a treat to listen to her demonstrations.

Brandon Hao


Bernice is a fantastic teacher and oboist. She inspires me a lot. She helped me find a lot of simple and efficient methods about practice. I’m very enjoy study with her.