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I sell professional cor anglais reeds made from superior quality Ghys cane. These reeds have a warm tone and are very reliable in response.


The professional cor anglais reeds I make for my customers are all tried and tested along the way by me on my Marigaux Cor Anglais - I don't ship reeds that I wouldn't be happy playing on myself. Having said that, everyone's embouchure and resistance/sound preferences are different, and ultimately the reeds have to suit you. With this in mind, I offer every customer who purchases reeds from me a free 30-minute online session if they want to let me have a listen to how the reeds sound when they play on them and to give me any feedback on what they would like more or less of in the reeds. I keep striving to make reeds that work best for each and every customer.


At the moment, I buy cor anglais cane already gouged and shaped.

  • All professional cor anglais reeds I sell are made from high quality Ghys cane and are finished by hand.

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