Reed blanks are tied-on only, unscraped reeds.


These are suitable for intermediate and advanced oboists who want to practice scraping their own reeds or who prefer to make their reeds from blanks rather than from scratch. Making your reeds from blanks rather than from scratch saves you a lot of time.


To view my process and equipment to making a reed blank, kindly click here.

Thread Colour
Length of Staple
Shape of Cane
Brand of Cane
  • All reed blanks I sell are made from high quality Alliaud/Roseau Chantant tube cane.

    These are the steps I take over the process of making every single blank:

    • Split tube cane (Reeds n' Stuff cane splitter)
    • Pregouge cane (Reeds n' Stuff pregouger)
    • Gouge cane (Kunibert Michel gouging machine)
    • Shape cane (Reeds n' Stuff shaping machine)
    • Tie cane onto staple

    The entire process from splitting the tube cane to the finished tied-on reed blank lasts approximately one week.

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