I make beginner oboe reeds that are easy to play with minimal resistance. Over more than six years of teaching the oboe, I believe that ease of response and control is most important for beginners (complete beginners to Grade 5) in encouraging them and helping them to enjoy playing this challenging instrument. Therefore, I ensure that all beginner oboe reeds I sell have this quality.

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  • All beginner oboe reeds I sell are made from superior quality cane and are finished by hand. They are easy to play and have a U-shaped scrape.

    These are the steps I take over the process of making every single reed:

    • Split tube cane (Reeds n' Stuff cane splitter)
    • Pregouge cane (Reeds n' Stuff pregouger)
    • Gouge cane (Kunibert Michel gouging machine)
    • Shape cane (Reeds n' Stuff shaping machine)
    • Tie cane onto staple
    • Scrape reed by hand

    The entire process from splitting the tube cane to the finished scraped reed lasts approximately two weeks. I test all finished reeds on my Josef 20th Anniversary oboe before dispatching the reeds.

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