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Cane splitter by Reeds n' Stuff.

I make my reeds from tube cane and cane splitting is the very first step in this rather long process. This cane splitter I have ensures a very even split of the tube into three pieces.

It's also possible to split tube cane using a razor blade but it's more difficult, dangerous and less reliable than doing so using a proper cane splitter.

To watch me explaining and demonstrating how I go about this step, kindly click here.

Pregouger by Reeds n' Stuff.

As the name of this step suggests, this process takes place right before gouging. General rule of thumb is, the more/better you pregouge your cane, the less you have to gouge and therefore the less quickly your gouging machine blades wear out.

To watch me demonstrating this step, kindly click here.

Gouging Machine by Kunibert Michel.

This elaborate machine is the newest addition to my reed making equipment. It is a work of art in itself and makes gouging cane very straightforward and easy.

Shaping machine by Reeds n' Stuff.

This machine is a few years old now and has never failed at its job. It makes shaping cane very easy. I have four shapes in the order narrowest to widest - RC11, RC12, RC13 and RC14. After years of experimenting with different shapes, I now use RC11 for reeds that I play on. It gives a warm tone and allows for good control in the upper register. For those who prefer a dark, mellow sound and easier, fuller low notes, RC12 or RC13 might be better choice.

*I shape cane for a small fee. Kindly contact me if you're interested.

Cane Guillotine by Reeds n' Stuff.

This piece of equipment is used to cut the tip of reeds. It ensures an extremely precise cut right to the exact length I want.

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